What Clients Want (And How Planners Can Help)

If you work for (or with) a marketing agency or consulting firm, this deck of fifty or so slides is a required reading. My top 5 quotes:

"Any sane marketer knows that the question is not" what will change in 10 years "but" what will not change in 10 years? "

"Do not say that you have a mindset startup, when you're wearing the same heavy astronaut clothing you used the last two decades."

"Gone are the days of customer briefing, scheduler writes internal brief, waiting for a new creative review, another two weeks for revisions, and more.

"There 's a switch to asking for assets and activations - things with a finite shelf life - to systems and ecosystems - things that will be updated and tinkered with."

"It's not that simple that you do not have to do it." In this way, it's not that simple. That kind of rigid thinking, based on engineering practices, does not apply to marketing. "

H/T Julian Cole