Trying out Pledge Music

The Moonlight Club (my band, yay!) is currently running a crowdfunding/pre-ordering campaign on Pledge Music. Pledge Music is Kickstarter for music projects. I spent a lot of time in 2017 playing with Kickstarter so I was eager to try Pledge Music. This is what the page looks like:

I invite you to check out our campaign video. It's pretty cool. It's a short documentary featuring footage from the past two years. Here's a quick preview:

So it took us probably over 40 hours to put together the page. And we already had very good photo and video content that we produced in the past few months. There's a lot of writing, editing, tweaking, thinking about the products and the prices, thinking about shipping, thinking about updates, etc. It was also complicated as a Canadian band because everything is calculated in US dollars. The platform is great and the support was awesome. It makes a big difference that Pledge Music is specialized in music projects because some features are extremely well thought and only make sense for musicians. For example, they already calculate shipping weight for a lot of standard music items such as CDs, Vinyls... but even signed drumsticks! Plus, the community is great, you feel surrounded by a lot of legit projects.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I believe the devil is in the details. And if I like going through all of that stuff to form an opinion on a service. Usually, when people recommend you do stuff online, like putting together a Kickstarter or a Pledge Music campaign, they have no idea what it actually implies. So I'm repeating myself, this is a 100hr+ job or fooling around if you need to create photo and video content, you want your thing to look decent, you need to promote the project and update the pledgers. Plus, think about shipping all those goods, it will take a full weekend for sure.

Selling stuff online. The first two words make it complicated, you need to sell, and you need to have stuff. The online part is easy ;-)