Time, Money & Anxiety

A good re-read from The Economist, Why is everyone so busy?

The relationship between time, money and anxiety is something Gary S. Becker noticed in America’s post-war boom years. He found that when people are paid more to work, they tend to work longer hours, because working becomes a more profitable use of time. So the rising value of work time puts pressure on all time. Leisure time starts to seem more stressful, as people feel compelled to use it wisely or not at all.
The more cash-rich working Americans are, the more time-poor they feel. So being busy can make you rich, but being rich makes you feel busier still.
E-mail etiquette often necessitates a response within 24 hours, with the general understanding that sooner is better. Managing this constant and mounting demand often involves switching tasks or multi-tasking, and the job never quite feels don