The Public Radio

I tweeted this photo this weekend:

Followed by this one:

Long story short, I participated in a Kickstarter project a few months ago for a product called The Public Radio. The Public Radio is a single station FM radio housed in a mason jar. It's a totally uncomplicated device - just an antenna and a volume knob - and ships pre-tuned to the listener's station of choice. I bought one for my girlfriend and set it to 95.1 (Radio Canada). It's a very cool product, I suggest you check it out. I can add that the audio quality is impressive.

I'm a « digital » guy but I learned a few « analog » things about manufacturing following these guys in their adventure. Here are a couple of photos from their Kickstarter page:

I'm telling you all this because there's a nice little story about how I discovered this Kickstarter project. As a strategist/curious marketer, I had been following the now-defunct New-York based strategy agency Undercurrent for a few years. Their strategists have always been very vocal on Twitter, Medium, etc. and their essays helped me a lot on past mandates.

One of these strategists was Spencer Wright, who co-lead The Public Radio project. He's a self-described planning/manufacturing guy-at-large who runs a great newsletter called The Prepared.

I wrote to Spencer a few years ago asking him why/how/when was he writing his blog and sending his newsletter. His answer helped me get started in my own writing process. I started a blog at that time, which morphed into this one a few years later.

Anyways, cheers to The Public Radio. And I thank the Internet for all these great discoveries. Stay curious!