The New General Electric

General Electric is often cited in the marketing-communications world as an example of its use of social media. But behind the colorful Instagram posts is 125 years old giant that is trying to re-invent itself. The company is currently in the midst of a turnaround, including a well documented digital transformation, with new CEO John Flannery trying to re-focus the giant conglomerate.

Today, John Flannery outlined plans to make the company stronger or as he puts it — a highly focused industrial company with unmatched global scale and strength. He said 2018 would be about focus and execution. I hope the previous years were too ;-)

I'm pouring a cup of coffee and watching the talk to see if I can cut through the investor's relations team fluff and learn a thing or two about strategy. If strategic planning is about making complex things simple and actionable, John Flannery has a lot on his plate.

p.s. presentation and keynote geeks, note that the PDF is available here.

p.s.2. social media geeks, note that the webcast is exclusively available on Linked In via John Flannery's personal account. I think it's a great example of Linked In being useful and relevant in a business context. And a great example of GE being very 'social' and 'personal'.