Fred Wilson


I truly started writing publicly every day because of this blog: It is Fred Wilson's blog. He's a venture capitalist based in NYC. I don't remember how I discovered this blog but I quickly started to visit it every day. Just to skim through the posts and refresh my thoughts. Venture capital is not necessarily my cup of tea but I like to learn from the industry.

It also amazes me to watch the blogger develop his thoughts on topics over a long period of time. I started reading the blog in 2012-2013 when e-commerce platforms were growing fast, digital privacy was a new social issue, cryptocurrencies became hot, online advertising got harder (except for Google/Facebook), content creation and publishing was trying to find its way on the Internet, etc. Fred blogged about these topics multiples times over the past 5+ years, every time adding a little nugget of information. Each year he concludes with a year-end post, making predictions and reflecting on last year predictions.

This is a quote from today's post:

This stuff is fun for me but it is also a great mental exercise to go through. It forces me to reflect, think, and focus on what is/was most important. There is so much that blogging does for my brain. I am not sure how I would do my work without it. The daily routine of writing something for public consumption is a discipline that brings clarity in a confusing time. The bigger posts that come every now and then, and the year end ones, are particularly valuable to write.
— Fred Wilson (

No matter what your occupation or job is. No matter what your routine is. Can you imagine how healthy that practice is? It takes time but I feel we can all squeeze 30 minutes a day to do it. I find it hard to develop the habit. I'm struggling a bit to write every day. And today I stripped down some design things here to focus on writing more. Because I'm certain the benefits it will have on my work, my craft, my thoughts, my life will outweigh the efforts.

Thank you Fred!