Read outside of your field

I found this great post called Real World VS. Book Knowledge by @morganhousel. The article reminds us that book and real-world knowledge have both upsides and downsides. That neither is necessarily better than the other.

But my favorite part is at the end when @morganhousel shares ways of processing that duality and improving our understanding of 'these two worlds'.

The final advice is to read outside of your field.

Why would an investor read about medicine? Or watch a military history documentary? Or study evolution? Not for the specific academic facts of those fields. No use there. But expanding the boundaries of what you read and think about offers a glimpse into to how people operate in the real world. How people respond to incentives, think about risk, and deal with surprises. Real-world stuff that’s often hard to quantify into an academic formula or argument, but helps you better understand how people behave in the wild.