Podcast: Moonshot Investing, with Nikhil Kalghatgi

I said I would be posting more of the podcasts I listen to. Here's a mindblowing conversation between Patrick Oshaugnessy and Nikhil Kalghatgi about investing (and a lot of other things). 

INVEST LIKE THE BEST Nikhil Kalghatgi – Moonshot Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.82] 30 00:00:00 30

Nikhil is the CEO of CoVenture Crypto, but he ended up there because of an overarching investing style that he calls moonshot investing, which we explore right from the start and in great detail.

He is obsessed with productivity and happiness, and we spend a long time on those topics. One of the most interesting experiments I’ve heard about on the podcast is his Happiness project, for which he interviewed more than 100 of the wealthiest people in the world. The lessons he gleaned from those conversations are very helpful, and I won’t soon forget the lesson related to sacrifice.

We also discuss asteroid mining, networking, shared experience, and philosophy. Oh and crypto currencies. Nikhil’s take on crypto has always been refreshing to me. In fact the first time I met him he was throwing cold water on a room full of enthusiastic crypto investors. Within crypto we discuss business opportunities, mining, and how new retail and institutional capital will affect the asset class.

(Source: Investor Field Guide's Podcast, Invest like the best)