Do you know Mr. Bags?

I like to get lost on YouTube. If you're interested in online shopping, fashion, luxury, social media or simply curious if influencer marketing truly works, check this out.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s the type of ‘influencer marketing’ case studies that can be taken out of context. This is the one in a million case. This guy is a selling machine (not sure if it’s really a good thing but… just observing here). It’s in his brand / his DNA. The more he sells stuff to people, the more they like him. There’s a total fit between the category (luxury bags), the selling channel (e-commerce), the audience (high $ connected millennials who crave luxury exclusives), etc. It’s the perfect storm. It doesn’t mean your Yogurt brand will get the same results by paying a local lifestyle influencer on instagram. But there’s definitely something interesting going on here.