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I've writing about taking care my brain before. And I believe a big part of that is reading quality, in-depth content. For the past 5 years, has been on a mission to provide just that to its readers. They've been struggling with finding how to do that properly and profitably and they've received some bad press in the past for not holding their promises to writers, readers and advertisers.

They're trying to break the Internet free of its current (broken) media landscape where you read crap on Facebook, click on crappy links and end of on crappy websites that run crappy sponsored content from anyone. Nobody said doing that would be easy. But words still matter, as Ev Williams says.

And what we mean by “words matter.” It’s not just that the written word still has influence and impact, which it obviously does. It’s that the information we consume matters as much as the food we put in our bodies. It affects our thinking, our behavior, how we understand our place in the world. And how we understand others.
— Ev Williams

Anyways, I'm happy I just became a member of for 5$/month. It adds up to my Spotify bill (10$/month). As a musician and wannabe writer, I think it's the minimum I can do! The member's section on looks great – and much more like a well-curated library than a low-quality newspaper. I'm excited about it.

Medium membership.png

I like how is experimenting with new features such as « claps » instead of likes. It allows you to clap for a certain amount of time as a way to react positively to stories. And one thing members get is the ability to reward author personally with claps. I think that's great.

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