Meaningful work, not money.

I was just skimming through an article titled Examining Employee Burnout: Cost, Cause, and Culture and felt really bad for my generation. Work – we haven't figured this one out yet, haven't we? I posted the following in 2015 on my old blog and felt like posting it again today. It is as relevant as it was then.

Each year, Mary Meeker from KPCB releases a monster presentation deck full of interesting stats, trends, and predictions regarding the Internet.

Out of the 195 slides of content, between stats about mobile usage, video consumption, Snapchat, and drones, this one struck me the most.

Millennials want more meaningful work, not more money.

But managers think they want more money, and that’s what they’re offering.


Like a friend who buys you a gift when all you need is a talk over a coffee.