It's much easier when you're into it

I've fallen behind on my blog posts so this is a re-edition of an old bit of writing I did in 2013.

Technology makes it really easy to start projects. We’re often tempted to jump into projects that seem like good ventures. In reality, it’s pretty hard to work every day on stuff you do not like. I’m not talking about a regular job where you get paid well, learn a lot and have a good team. These things can compensate for working in industries you like a bit less. I’m talking about projects you’ll end up spending your Saturday nights on.

I think there are a few good exercises to test your resilience and see if you can sustain beyond the hype and excitation of the first days:

  1. Write one short article (250 words) a day about that topic, during 2 weeks.

  2. Then go talk to 5-10 persons that are really into that stuff. See if you get along with them.

  3. And if you have some pocket change, buy 5-10 products related to that venture.

  4. Take days off and travel to an event related to your idea.

  5. Work for free, do 5-10 unpaid projects just to meet people.

You see the point. It will take years, not days, not weeks, you better enjoy the process.