Humans are underrated

If you want to read about Tesla and how it's burning lots of cash these days, I suggest you read this: Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash. The article presents a pessimist outlook on Elon Musk's auto company and criticizes how quickly it raises and spends money. It's a good read, whether you're long or short Tesla.

The interesting part, in my opinion, is this quote from Elon Musk about excessive automation. Musk's had mentioned in the past that the company would be able to automate most of its production. 

Musk recently admitted that “excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake” and said that “humans are underrated,” an indication that the costly legions of employees won’t be shrinking as quickly as he once imagined. In that email, he vowed to hire hundreds of additional factory workers. Tesla lists nearly 3,000 current job openings.

Well, it appears even with millions of dollars of investments in equipment and machine learning, humans are still required to make stuff. Humans are underrated.