highlow x Packitup

When I started in 2017, I said that I wanted to "get closer to entrepreneurs". I had no idea how but I founded highlow - creative capital to invest in long-term projects. Without a specific plan. Just to get going. With a budget equivalent to that of an annual rental of an office.

I now add Pack It Up / Sylvain Letellier to this small list of projects and people. This adds to Elevent, Le Buck and Hardbacon.

I spent last year learning. And try to reprogram my brain. I am trying to become an investor. 2018 reminded me that I was light years from being a good one. It's OK, I give myself at least 10 years to become less worse.

I share this because many people talk to me about projects they do not start. The first steps are too scary. To descend from one’s throne hurts the ego too much. We are used to being invited as experts. Less to attend trainings because we don’t understand anything. We have a blind trust in what we know. But no idea of what we do not know. Sincerely, it's rather fun to be a beginner again. I wish you in 2019! 😅

highlow packitup.jpg