Get Bored

This is a quote from an article titled What Boredom Does to You:

Boredom is the gateway to mind-wandering, which helps our brains create those new connections that can solve anything from planning dinner to a breakthrough in combating global warming.

Unless you are on the manager's schedule, you need unstructured time during the day. Personally, boredom is my only effective strategy to writing music. There's no way I can write music with a busy mind. I need to reach the bottom of my thoughts to start writing music. And I never really start writing music, my mind starts wandering and does it for me. It's the same for any creative work in a professional environment.

That's also why writers, designers, programmers are known to arrive late at work or tend to be productive at night. It's not that they don't want to work, they're unconsciously trying to avoid busyness to start thinking clearly.

It seems to be true for kids too. Boredom encourages imagination.

Daydreaming is crucial to our mental health, to our relationships, and to our emotional and moral development. It promotes the skill parents and teachers care so much about which is the capacity to focus on the world outside our heads.
— MacQuarrie, 2014

So go ahead, get bored.