Forbes + Crypto

Stocks got baby boomers interested in the economy.

Crypto will get millennials interested in the digital economy.

Newspapers understand that and many of them are rolling out initiatives following that thesis.

One of them is Forbes's spinoff, Crypto Confidential. I don't know a lot of 18-34 who subscribe to Forbes publications. But I suspect this Crypto Confidential ecosystem might attract them. Here's how they pitch their new platform to readers:

Many think crypto assets like Bitcoin are the new gold. However they are so much more. Blockchains and digital assets will revolutionize a myriad of industries, including financial services, health care, government, technology, energy, real estate, and more. Be among the first to know the most important news and information in crypto, with this e–letter delivered every Friday.

I read it. It's well curated and well written. It is indeed doing a good job of being a decent guide to the cryptocurrency revolution. You can subscribe to the newsletter here and to their Twitter updates here.