Elevent is leveling up

Elevent is a company that was funded in 2013 by two sponsorship marketing pros (and let's say it, proper nerds) who wanted to make a dent in the universe of brand sponsorship.

Why is this important? A lot of public & private events we attend to come together because of brand sponsorships. A lot of public spaces, activities, exhibits are funded by sponsorships. A lot of services are partially funded by brand sponsorships. Cultural and family events are often funded by great sponsorship programs.

Elevent launched the world’s first web-based partnership evaluation service in 2014. And since then has been on a mission to democratize this space by sharing knowledge, researching industry trends, gathering data and developing technology products that empower professionals who work to make these partnerships work.

I participated in the launch in 2013 by crafting the content strategy and tactics that would help the brand achieve its vision of being a thought leader in the space. I joined the board and became an investor a few months after. It's been a pleasure (and a challenge) to participate in the growth of this company, as an advisor, strategist and all-around digital marketing guy.

This week Elevent is leveling up and moving in a new office in the infamous 5605 ave De Gaspé building.

It's a good time to reflect on the company's vision, values and strategy. It's also a good time to make a pause and acknowledge employees and collaborators that have been working with Elevent since the beginning. And to take a deep breath before tackling new challenges.

Congratulations to Francis & Jay (and the team) for their courage and resilience.

To many more years!