Customer Service, Twitter & Millennials

I hate dealing with customer service. But I think it's because I hate talking on the phone.

And I believe the Millenial generation (or whatever the name you give to young folks who grew up with the Internet), customer service is extremely annoying because it never goes through the channels we actually use in our daily life.

Give me a Twitter DM or a messenger channel, and I don't mind going back and forth all day with a customer service rep. It's not that we hate customer service reps, we hate the tools and the channels they use.

This is me asking Shutterstock via Twitter what's up with my bill. And them asking for send info via DM within 30 minutes. And me extremely happy I can do all of that while listening to music and working at the same time. It fits in my workflow. It's pleasant. Plus, all my info is digital, I can screenshot things in a second and attach it in the conversation.

We love asynchronous communication because it fits with our life. That's how we plan our weekends, share info/news and tell our friends and lovers we miss them.

I literally have to schedule days in advance when I'm going to call my ISP or mobile carrier. It's almost stressful. I know I'll be stuck on the phone for a while. Should I do it at lunchtime or while walking or in the car? It's completely unnatural to be stuck 45 minutes. 

Very sad fact: some people my age don't even pick up the phone to break up with their lover. They do it via text message. Do you think they want to pick up the phone to talk to you about their recent monthly billing? Slide into the DM, please!