Content Ideas – Need your input

I would like to develop a series of content - format TBD - that addresses one of the following topics. Does something ring a bell?

1) Lessons from people who have built a project over 10 years
2) Marketing Lessons from People Not Working in Marketing
3) Marketing Lessons from Businesses We've Never Heard About
4) Lessons from strategies of entrepreneurs who have no education
5) Creativity lessons from people who do not work in advertising
6) Management lessons from entrepreneurs who are 50 years old or older
7) Management lessons from people who sat on 10 boards or +

I feel like I see and I always hear about the same companies, products and people. And with no hindsight, it's impossible to know what's really interesting or relevant in the long run. I propose to put some water in the kool-aid ;-)

If you want to jump on Linked (French), it's here: