Bridging the gap between consumer & cryptocurrency

Jason Goldberg was featured on This Week In Startups earlier in October. The interview is over an hour long. It's honest and filled with a lot of information. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship, growing an e-commerce company too fast and bridging the gap between consumer & cryptocurrency, it's a good place to start!

Jason Goldberg used to run a great blog called BetaShop. I read it religiously in 2013-2014, when his company was one of the world's fasted growing e-commerce company. The blog posts are down now but you can still find some pieces online. If you're interested in e-Commerce I suggest you google about Jason and

But if you want to see what a serial Internet entrepreneur thinks about the cryptocurrency's space. This interview is a must watch:

Pepo & founder Jason Goldberg introduces Simple Token for apps to build branded tokens, bridging the gap between consumer & cryptocurrency. Jason G. walks Jason C. through what he calls the most exciting project he's ever been involved with, now being a pioneer in the decentralized web as he was in the early day of e-commerce. With crypto can we finally fulfill the "power to the people" promise of the 1990s internet? The two also talk founder resiliency, soaring highs & devastating lows of entrepreneurship, Nick Denton & defunct Gawker, the dangers of raising too much money, the joys of living in Berlin, and much more.