Happiness VS Salary

I forgot to write today! That is good. It means I was in the zone doing (hopefully) good work. I was just chatting with a friend on Facebook who told me he said no to the biggest offer of his life to start a business with friends. I instantly replied with this graph. I love it.

Source  (it's an interesting article from Forbes)

Source (it's an interesting article from Forbes)

If you read this correctly, it basically says that you'll need much more than a big salary if you want to go up that happiness axis. It means that there are diminishing returns on your salary. The extra buck won't give you the same thing then that last extra buck. Yep, look at that curve, it gets pretty flat. This is a logarithm – the inverse operation to exponentiation. OK, enough maths.

We tend to appreciate things in proportion. The first years you lived seemed to last longer than your last one. Your first night out was probably more exciting than your last one. Your first raise was probably a more memorable event than your last one. 

I don't love graphs. But I love this graph.