A Little Too Easy

Time and focus is a zero-sum game. I've spent a lot of time working on music-related things these days and less time writing this blog. I wrote about The Music Industry And Its Value Gap last week because my mind was in music mode.

When John, François and I sat down to talk about filming a video clip for The Moonlight Club's first album, we faced the challenge of having no money, little time and little resources to make it happen. Instead, we focused on what we could do with our resources (see minimum viable content creation).

So instead of spending 6 months filling papers for a grant, we rented a photo studio for 300$, brought our music equipment (and some of my own apartment's furniture) and set out to film the damn thing ourselves in one day. OK, it helps that Francois is a talented videographer and content producer ;-)

Here's the result. We're quite happy with it. By the way, you can find the song everywhere on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc.